Grammarly Keyboard Update — Works Well with Ulysses App on iPad

The Grammarly App for iOS was recently updated, and it now includes access to the Grammarly editor on iPad rather than having to upload text to their website. This is a nice new feature, however, I am impressed by the updated Grammarly keyboard and how it integrates with Ulysses. I think this integration now solves the issue of having an advanced grammar checker available to check your text on Ulysses.

Using the Grammarly keyboard with the Ulysses App on my iPad.

I have tried the Grammarly keyboard with Apple’s Pages and Microsoft Word, and it does not work very well with these word processors. Maybe, the Grammarly keyboard works better with plain text and markdown rather than rich text?

Cite While You Write on the iPad

For academics, inserting citations from a popular citation manager, such as Endnote, Mendeley, Readcube, etc., is an integral part of their writing workflow. Researchers use citation managers to save time and the hassle of properly formatting citations that different journals require. The sandbox security of iPadOS, however, has limited the ability of these citation managers to integrate with word processors.

Recently, I have come across two solutions that work on iPadOS.

1. In Microsoft Word, use the Mendeley add-on within Word on the iPad.

Using the Mendeley Add-On within Microsoft Word on iPad.
  1. For Google docs, Paperpile now works as an add-on if writing within the Safari browser. Paperpile works via Safari since Safari is now a full-fledged desktop-class web browser on mobile. Chrome will not work.
Using Paperpile with Google Docs on iPad via Safari.

I hope to see other citation managers such as Zotero, Endnote, Bookends, and Readcube offer an iPadOS solution. I particularly hope that they can also integrate with Ulysses or Apple’s Pages.