Topographic Threshold: New Geoarchaeology Research Paper

Along with a former student (Dr. Travis Conley), we recently published a research paper investigating the impact of landscape topography on the preservation and distribution of soils that date from the Late Pleistocene and into the Late Holocene. The paper was published in the open access MDPI journal Geoscience. It is a free download for anybody interested.

Conley, T., Hurst, S., Johnson, E., 2020. Topographic Thresholds and Soil Preservation along the Southern High Plains Eastern Escarpment, Northwest Texas, USA. Geosciences 10.

The research took place at our research area near Post, Texas along the edge of the Southern High Plains. We have previously published a paper on this researcher in 2014, compliments of Dr. Laura Murphy. It is exciting to get some more of this Geoarchaeology research out there in the world.

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