A Better Zwift Indoor Cycling Ride?

Assessing Wahoo’s Kickr Axis Action Feet

Unpacking the Wahoo Kickr Axis Action Feet
Unpacking the Wahoo Kickr Axis Action Feet

Quarantine and lockdowns are a lot more palatable as a cyclist with Zwift indoor riding. I am not alone, Cycling Tips reported on the record number of indoor mile grinders flocking to Zwift and other riding platforms as the pandemic hit last Spring.

For two years, my Zwift setup has been my trusty Specialized Diverge gravel bike attached to the 2018 Wahoo Kickr Indoor trainer. I have logged over 6,000 miles, most of my rides averaging 15-20 miles, and my longest stopping just short of 63 miles. Longer rides on indoor trainers are more difficult for me than riding outside due to being locked into one position causing more muscle cramping and saddle soreness.

I was therefore excited when Wahoo announced their 2020 Wahoo Kickr model last year with the addition of Axis Action Feet.

Wahoo states that the Axis Feet:

Enhance the ride feel of the KICKR Smart Trainer by mimicking the side-to-side movement experienced riding outdoors. These feet allow up to 5 degrees of movement and so the KICKR can respond more naturally to the rider tempo and body position changes.


By allowing you to move more naturally with the forces applied during long hard training sessions, KICKR AXIS reduces your fatigue, so you can go harder, longer.

Wahoo made the Axis Action Feet available as a separate upgrade for older Wahoo Kickr models at $79.99 — I was eager to purchase.

After several months, I finally could find the Axis Feet in-stock at the Wahoo store. Indoor trainers from all manufacturers have been in short supply for months due to high demand and supply constraints.

Each of the four Action Feet in comparison to the original Wahoo Kickr feet’s plastic bottoms have the addition of a high density foam material. Following the instructions it was a quick and simple process to upgrade the feet in under 10 minutes.

The Wahoo Axis Action outrigger foot upgrade with foam bottom in comparison to the original Kickr's plastic foot.
The Wahoo Axis Action outrigger foot upgrade with foam bottom in comparison to the original Kickr’s plastic foot.

The only decision to make was the size of the plastic cap to insert over the foam of the two outrigger feet, and this was based on weight. Since I am definitely over 181 lbs, I needed to use the largest diameter cap.

After several rides, I do like the Axis Action Feet upgrade. The addition of the foam on the bottom provides a nice and subtle lateral motion that is closer to riding outdoors. I still have more muscle cramping and saddle soreness than I typically have riding outdoors, however, this has been reduced and is a nice addition for indoor riding on older Wahoo Kickr trainers.

I think the Axis feet are a nice upgrade for indoor cyclists riding on hard surfaces — I ride on concrete in my garage on a thin mat. If you ride on carpet, then you may not notice the subtle motion of the Axis Action Feet and reap their benefits.

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