Lulz Taz 5 3D printer — A Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer

Changing Z-Axis Home Height

The Z-axis home height is the distance between the bed and the height of the extruder when it is in the home position. This distance is critcally important for determining how well the filament is dispensed from the extruder and deposited on the bed plate. A Z-axis home height that is too high or too low will result in the filament not sticking enough to the build plate or not depositing properly.

Adjust the Z-stop knob counter-clockwise to raise the height of the extruder above the bed, and rotate clockwise to lower the extruder closer to the bed.

The Z-stop should only be adjusted by the lab manager.

The thickness of a single piece of paper between the extruder and bed is normally the correct distance.

This video from Lulzbot demonstrates how to adjust the Z-stop.

Adjusting the Z-Axis Home height using the Z-stop knob.

I had to adjust the Z-stop recently when I was moving the extruder manually with the LCD control panel, and pushed the extruder into the printer’s bed.

I had been printing PPE equipment for the West Texas region for over a month with no issues.

After this happened the filament was not depositing onto the build plate, and the extruder was positioned right on top of the build plate in the home position. After I readjusted the Z-stop, and created a paper-height difference between the extruder and build plate, the filament began depositing correctly.

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