Bulletproof espresso

Bulletproof espresso

Bulletproof coffee consists of blending organic coffee, grass fed butter, and MCT oil into a rich and creamy drink. The benefits are introducing your body to healthy fats that increases clarity and helps to maintain weight through a healthy metabolism.
While I am not sold on the health benefits, it does make a delicious drink.

I enjoy espresso on occasion and I wanted to develop a method that incorporates the idea of bulletproof coffee, and at the same time reduce the time and number of steps necessary to make the drink. This is really easy, and all you need is the ability to make espresso. I have used this method with my pump driven machine, and I think it will also work with a pressure driven machine or a stovetop.

Simply add the grass fed butter directly with the espresso coffee into the filter. I typically only use one spoon scoop of butter. Then run your machine. The result is a buttery rich espresso. The final step is to add a couple tablespoons of the MCT oil. Voilà

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