Pompeii World Heritage Site

Archaeological Areas of Pompei, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata


The site of Pompeii is part of the world heritage site that also includes Herculaneum, and Torre Annunziata. Pompeii was inscribed onto the world heritage list in 1997. The famous volcanic explosion on the 24th of August 79 A.D. tragically sealed the fate of many. The entire town as it stood in 79 A.D is fairly well represented, and to walk these streets is to really get a sense and feel for what urban life was like in a Roman town.

Map Location

My wife and I visited this site in January of 2012, and we like to call it our “prehoneymoon” trip. We took our awesome vacation prior to our wedding rather than before.

Pompeii is located along the eastern coast of Italy in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. We were based in Rome for our trip so we took a train from Rome, to Naples, and then another to Pompeii. A highly recommended excursion from Rome. My wife and I do not speak Italian, however, it was an adventurous and interesting way to see other aspects of Italy.

In my introductory classes in archaeology as an undergraduate, Pompeii was always a site included in the textbook. An example of a static snapshot of what life was like at one point of time sealed by a volcanic eruption.

To see this site in person is an experience I will never forget. The greatest heritage aspect of this site, in my opinion, is the ability to walk an entire town. Walking through amphitheaters, a colosseum, a bakery, prostitute houses, temples, residential homes, etc. is a unique heritage experience.

A feeling of tragedy permeates the entire site, and a question of why we never seem able to learn our lessons from history. Mount Vesuvius will likely erupt again one day and will likely bury the city of Naples. Yet, people continue to live in the path of the volcano with each generation tempting fate.

Place of Ill Repute



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