Chavín de Huántar

Chavín de Huántar

At over 10,000 feet Chavín is the highest cultural world heritage site in the Americas.

Chavín was inscribed onto the World Heritage list in 1985.

The main occupations at Chavín date between 850-200 B.C. An early ceremonial center that contains a series of sunken courts and platform mounds. Depictions of animals that originate in the Amazonian basin indicate exchange between neighboring peoples was an important aspect of this society. This site represents an early Andean civilization and the development of a socially stratified society.

The Lanzón stone is a rock pillar in the shape of a lance and is located in Building B at the site.

The Chavín de Huántar site and the Lanzón stone has been laser scanned by CyArk, with detailed images and 3D models for viewing.


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